Signs Your Feline Friend Needs to See a Cat Groomer in Vancouver

People often think of cats as “self-cleaning,” but that isn’t necessarily true. While your cat likely spends a lot of time licking their fur, they are...
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3 Reasons to Take Your Cat to a Vancouver Cat Groomer

Cats are well-known for their tendency to spend the majority of their days doing two things: Sleeping and grooming. While it might seem like your feli...
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Welcome to Jared the Cat Groomer

I'm Jared the Cat GroomerWhen your favorite feline is in need of some purr-fect pampering, I can help. I'm Jared the Cat Groomer, and providing top-qu...
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Why Your Cat Needs Professional Cat Grooming in Vancouver

If you have a cat in your life, you know that felines are fastidious by nature. They spend significant portions of their day licking their fur and see...
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