Signs Your Feline Friend Needs to See a Cat Groomer in Vancouver


People often think of cats as “self-cleaning,” but that isn’t necessarily true. While your cat likely spends a lot of time licking their fur, they aren’t really getting themselves clean or removing tangles from their fur. Plus, some cats cannot groom themselves as well as others due to their breed, age, or other factors. For these reasons, cats need help from their owners. While you may be able to handle things like brushing your cat’s fur and trimming their claws at home, visiting a professional groomer — like Jared the Cat Groomer — may be necessary in certain instances. Keep reading to discover a few signs that your feline friend might require some professional TLC. 

Matted Fur

Mats are painful and can cause skin infections. A grooming appointment is needed if your cat has tangles or knots that you cannot brush out. Never try cutting mats out yourself, as doing so could cause severe injuries to your feline friend. 

Ingrown Claws

As a cat’s claws grow, they curve around. Sometimes, they curl all the way around and into the paw pad. This is, of course, painful and needs to be addressed right away. A groomer can trim the ingrown claw and let you know if you need to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian for further treatment. 

Your Cat Has Gotten Into Something Gross

Schedule a professional grooming appointment right away if your cat has gotten into something gross, been sprayed by a skunk, or has anything unpleasant on their fur. Doing so is the best way to get them cleaned up and prevent them from ingesting the yuckiness. 

Lack of Self-Grooming

Cats who no longer groom themselves due to age or other factors need help from their owners. If your feline family member isn’t self-grooming, schedule regular grooming appointments to help keep them looking and feeling their best. 

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