The Benefits of Professional Cat Grooming near Portland


If you think your cat’s grooming habits mean they can fully care for their own fur, think again. While cats are fastidious about their appearance, they usually cannot do a good enough job on their own. They’re often unable to reach everywhere on their own. This problem is especially prevalent among senior and geriatric cats. Scheduling an appointment with Jared the Cat Groomer for professional cat grooming near Portland is an excellent way to overcome these problems and help your feline friend maintain a healthy coat and skin. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of having your cat professionally groomed. 

What Are the Benefits of Professional Cat Grooming? 

You can probably handle brushing your cat at home, but sometimes, you need help from a professional groomer. Whether your cat is severely matted, has special needs, or doesn’t tolerate being groomed at home, a professional is trained to meet your cat’s needs. 

Specific benefits of professional grooming include: 

  • Safe removal of mats
  • Avoid injury from scissors, clippers, etc. 
  • Complete grooming, including bathing, brushing, claw trimming, ear cleaning, and more
  • Early detection of parasites and skin issues
  • Flea and tick removal
  • Prevent skin infections and other problems
  • Decreased shedding and fewer hairballs
  • Fresher smell

Professional Cat Grooming Near Portland

For professional cat grooming near Portland, choose Jared the Cat Groomer. Jared provides expert grooming services for cats of all ages and even provides specialized services for senior and special needs cats. Whether your feline friend needs a nail trim, a basic bath and groom, or a specialty cut, he does it all! Please reach out today to learn more or schedule an appointment.


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