Why You Need a Cat Groomer in Vancouver, WA


Cats are well-known for being self-sufficient, low-maintenance pets. While your feline friend probably spends hours licking their fur each day, though, that doesn’t mean they are truly getting clean. In reality, cats benefit from professional grooming just as much as their canine counterparts. Keep reading to learn more about why you need a cat groomer in Vancouver. 

Groomers Are Professionals

Sure, you can brush your cat’s coat at home. But do you know how to safely bathe your cat, eliminate mats, or deal with potential problems? Professionals like Jared the Cat Groomer can do all those things and more. 

Groomers Can Detect Problems You Might Miss

In addition to caring for your pet’s fur, a groomer inspects their skin and looks for potential signs of trouble. They often notice things pet parents overlook, like changes in skin condition, hair loss, new allergies, and even parasites. While professional grooming isn’t a substitute for veterinary care, it does provide an opportunity for someone to detect and notify you of problems. 

Regular Grooming Reduces Hairballs

No one enjoys stepping in a hairball in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, cats ingest a lot of fur when licking, and it usually comes back out in the form of a hairball. And as disgusting as hairballs are, it’s even worse if they don’t come back out because they can cause dangerous intestinal blockage. Having your cat groomed regularly reduces the amount of fur they ingest, making hairballs less common. 

A Cat Groomer in Vancouver Will Make Your Pet Look and Feel Great

Cats enjoy being clean. That’s part of why they spend so much of their time licking themselves. Unfortunately, all of that licking isn’t a substitute for professional grooming. When you bring your feline friend to a cat groomer in Vancouver, they will leave looking and feeling their best. To learn more or schedule an appointment, contact Jared the Cat Groomer today!


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